Monday, March 21, 2011

Review of material written

Well, one thing was obvious.. the 3A MAS kids aren't quite at the level expected yet.  We barely reached unit vectors which meant that we didn't get to the meat of the topic.  This was a shame as the helicopter example is a great example of how vector topics fit together.   It has indicated next time I need to go a bit further backward and put a few more examples in for unit vectors.  We also need to look at the difference between adding and finding the difference between two vectors.  Possibly also looking at examples of each in action. Easy fixed.  The year 9's and 10's were comfortable with Linear functions and could use difference tables capably according to the tutor, if anything the work was a bit easy!  This is good news and unexpected! 

Unfortunately the 2C finance EPW was as expected and underlines that the group is a bit weak.. the students stopped after they thought they had learned something, which meant that they didn't get to the meat of the assignment (rookie mistake!).  I think in more than a few cases social life and sporting interests come first.   One student had done the work.. the rest were a bit of a shambles.   My feeling is that the EPW is right, we should be able to make an assumption that year 10's have done compound and reducible interest and (with a bit of revision on their own) should be able to answer reducible interest problems with a calculator.  One in the 80's, a couple of high forties and that's about it.  Very disappointing result but hardly surprising given the incomplete take home sections.  Hopefully what they have done will help them understand it properly when the topic arrives.  These are students entering 3A and they can't be spoonfed and expect to do well.


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  2. I have a few domains registered but have never seen the need to move it. It does the job.. somewhere to jot my thoughts.. if anyone can glean something from them.. that's great!


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