Friday, March 4, 2011

Making mistakes

You know.. it would be nice to not make mistakes. It's even better when your mistakes aren't distributed to multiple schools for scrutiny. I had the wonderful opportunity of writing three assessments for moderation groups all at the same time, two tests (one for 3A MAT and one for 2C MAT) and an EPW (for 2C). Tests did not exist that could be pulled off the shelf and I didn't want to use a Curriculum Council EPW as they have been widely leaked (yes I'm looking at you Curtin University!).

Anyhow, the 2C paper had an error (three circle Venn diagrams aren't part of the curriculum) and it was one of my complex questions along with another question that I changed at a teacher request to set notation. Unfortunately by doing so it also reduced them to non complex questions. The test (although broadly covering key concepts) did not have the required complexity.

Once marked the curve for my class was badly skewed. It's a bit embarrassing as it's the first time I've taught 2C and really wanted to do the right thing by my moderation group. The test had an error in it and I had to re-issue the marking key as well as the original one had mistakes in it too.

Hopefully the 3A paper is ok (it's harder than the 2C paper and I think my students are going to get a little wake up call) and I must say - the amount of work required to write a 2C EPW should not be underestimated. If you're interested in an original 2C Finance EPW based on spreadsheets leave a comment with your DET email address and I'll forward it to you (Your email address is safe, - I moderate all comments before release and I'll delete the comment before it goes online so that the email address is not made public).

I've been flat out trying to get it all done (and interim reports) and bed down my classes. Hopefully now it will settle as all of my NCOS assessments for term one have been done and I can start enjoying myself again working on the lower school courses. Ten year 9/10 students approached me today to run an afterschool extension class again. They're fun but a lot of work when you and the kids are hot and tired.

We'll see how it goes. Bring on the long weekend!

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