Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Day

After the issues with the 2C test it was nice to have a good day. My 10's were responsive and worked well whilst our Principal was in the room for a whole hour doing his impromptu visits. It's good that he does them, but it can be a bit harrowing. We investigated how to use our CAS calculators to build spreadsheets and will now start looking at the results to investigate compound interest further.

There were lots of things I would do differently with the lesson itself but I can't fault the kids in that they followed instruction, were able to use formulas and solve a compound interest problem using technology by the end of the lesson. After replacing most of the batteries in the morning, only two failed during the lesson which was ok.

I checked my 9's homework and that was a different story. I used some old fashioned "I will do my homework when my teacher asks me to otherwise I will have to write this." x 100 to ensure that students had some encouragement to do their homework in future. Those that did their homework enjoyed it if nothing else.

My 1B's are going ok, they finished the exercise but are not fully understanding cumulative frequency, so we will need to redo that lesson. I must remember tomorrow morning to hunt out a worksheet that will reinforce the connection between cf and median (and xf and mean).

A nice change from Friday.


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