Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Solving Simultaneous Equations using the Classpad 330

There are a number of ways of finding where two lines intersect. Let's solve this example.

"Where do the equations y=x and y=-2x+3 intersect?"
One way to find the solution is to solve the two equations algebraically using simultaneous equations.

First open and clear the main work pane.

Press the blue Keyboard button and bring up the soft keyboard. Select the 2D tab.

You should be able to see a button with a bracket and two small boxes (circled below in red). Press it.

You should see the simultaneous equation template in the main pane.
(Update 1/6/2010: Press it twice to add a third equation line!)

Click on the first box and type y=x
Click on the box below it and type y=-2x+3

In the third box to the right of the vertical line type x,y (the variables we wish to solve).

Hit the exe button.

The answer (x=1, y=1) should appear.

Here is a link to other CAS calculator posts.


  1. THis site is a life saver thankyou very much!~!!!

  2. thank you so much!!
    i started to stress sooooo much, you have no idea!

  3. i have a maths exam today, and this helped me so much for the Simultaneous Equations part, thanks heaps mate

  4. this helped so much

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  6. Did I just get called bra? That's a new one!

  7. aha thanks so much, this should be useful when i have my exam on tuesday :D

  8. Thanks brudda! You have just saved my life in my exam!

  9. Does this help you to understand simulataneous equations? It seems you say that you can solve algebraically, but I can't see that you have done that. Would it not be better to learn how to solve simultaneous equations?

  10. The equation is solved. I don't see the point of using the classpad to mimic elimination and substitution method, two methods that are quicker on paper than via a classpad. This is probably the most read and commented on articles I have written because it addresses an issue of teachers (yes us!) not utilising CAS to reduce computational load.

    For a student to reach the point of knowing it is a simultaneous equation question can require a lot of work (see linear programming for instance), to be able to solve quickly (a year 8/9 task under national curriculum) is something worthwhile for those students that find solving trivial and tedious.

  11. you saved me
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  12. such a good bloke, cheers mate

  13. This applies to matrix equations too?

  14. Matrices is a 3CD MAS topic, something that I haven't taught yet. If you are interested in looking into this further, I'd suggest the excellent http://www.classpad.com.au Their tutorials are excellent on a wide range of topics (and free!).

  15. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much :)))))


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