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Friday, December 19, 2008

Keeping it real

I suppose it's not the catch phrase it once was, but students like you keeping it real. When you speak to them they like to know your opinion, what you think and what you are doing outside of school. Much of the time we are frozen by protocol and have to keep professional distance but sometimes it is a good idea to let them see some of your opinion.

Case in point, an A student taking a traineeship - no apparent reason for doing so other than she "hates" school. She's one of the few that actually smile now and again. Rather than telling her - look you're on the hump, hang in there, the PC response is "you need to do what you think is best" or "evaluate your options and see where it takes you". BS, stay in school or you'll join the 10% without an education you bloody dill!

After all it's sooo much better to tell a kid they're doing well, feed them success and then let them find out that they are unable to pursue their chosen occupation because they've been a lazy blob. Teenagers are moody, emotional, need to fire up from time to time, will do at little as possible to get by, have little vision of the future past 5 minutes from now but they're also fairly resilient and need a dose of failure from time to time to ensure that they get back on the right track.

Keeping it real is about helping them see the bigger picture and find school an enabling influence on their lives rather than a drag. Our summer school for high ability yr 10 maths students entering year 11 is about connecting students with the real world. We improve their minds, feed them motivating experiences and they see that public and private companies are willing to support our efforts through a certificate where the school logo is not front and centre. Many thanks to the companies that are supporting our little event. More importantly - there is no cash prize for attending, no sponsorship money, no reward other than self improvement. What a fabulous lesson for these kids to learn and appreciate at 15 years old.