Sunday, March 27, 2022

Week 8 complete - Covid at peak.

Covid is impacting on classes at all levels.

Student services is struggling with demand.  Assessment is scattered.  Large numbers of students have missed significant parts of the school year.  Teachers are fearful of getting sick and have found it hard to take leave with the restrictions in place to recharge.  Relief is hard to find, classes are being collapsed and schools are coping - but that's about it.

Behaviour issues tend to revolve around getting students to put on masks.  It's a bit tense.

It's important we all keep our heads down, focus on what needs to be done, and keep it all together until week 10.  It's not the time for new initiatives, pushing for progress or seeking improvement.  Calm the ship, wait for still waters and then strike again forward.

My classes this year have been a joy to teach with results at all levels.  It's a shame it's happened under these conditions where the initiative put in place would be able to shine. Academic support classes in 7 & 8 are engaged and enjoying school.  Pathway 3 classes in Year 10 are providing feedback to students of realistic course selections for Year 11 and Methods well supported through ICT and MathFest earlier in the year.  Few requests for changing streams and high levels of success being encountered resulting in lower behavioural challenges.  Time is available to work with students at risk.

Lets get through covid peak and move on.

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