Monday, March 1, 2010

Julia Gillard and the national curriculum

Yes, schools can change their whole curriculum focus, understand, resource and ensure that assessment is in place for a draft curriculum that will change five times before the end of the 2010. We obviously have learnt very little from the OBE implementation fiasco.

Dear, oh dear. I hope no-one buys her "it'll be all right mate" routine.

Here comes another round of teacher bashing when poor direction from government is the issue. I heard Kevin Rudd accept personal responsibility for the performance of his government. I hope he is willing to take the legal liability for rushing something through that affects so many.

Julia Gillard is again doing something in a political timeframe not appropriate to schools. Again, the children of Australia will suffer the consequences.

Where is the testing and ensuring that it is applicable in states where it is to be implemented? The issues will only become apparent under application, it needs a limited application/trial before rollout. Cynically, this won't be done due to the poor polling results of the Labor party and political necessity rather than good practice.

The sheer arrogance of the rush approach is astounding.

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  1. Julia is using education as a political football, just like her idiot colleagues did here in WA when they introduced the whole OBE mess.
    Since Julia is so interested in helping those students on the move then why doesn't she put the horse before the cart for a change and make sure that ALL KIDS START SCHOOL AT THE SAME AGE IN EVERY STATE?
    Get that bit right and a national curriculum might actually work.
    But I wonder does Julia really care?
    Probably not, she just wants to look like shes doing SOMETHING, so the deaf, blind and dumb working families will vote her in for another term.
    Julia may find that fixing schools requires something more than a vapid website and curriculum changes.


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