Thursday, March 19, 2009


Time doesn't seem to be my friend at the moment. I wake up, feed Mackenzie when I can, go to school, tutor my year 11's, take my classes, wait on the phone for 15 mins, complain to payroll that they forgot to pay me last week (I have to wait another fortnight for it to arrive as it was a stuff up), teach my classes, come home and crash on the couch for 3 hours and here I am. Baby exploding with poop.

I have so much stuff to write..

e-activities in the CAS calculator are a great place to hide all the trigonometry formulas (sine rule and the like) using "Strips" and Numsolve - Updated 22/3 click here to see how.

The verify function in the main pane (bottom cell of the right icon in the toolbar 'f(x)') is a great way of testing what part of an equation has been incorrectly simplified, expanded or factorised.

My polar coordinates and vectors is rusty so I've had to sit and do the exercises in the book..

Tests to write, assignments to mark, programmes to amend..

Need to go back to sleep!

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  1. So much stuff to do, too little time.

    Sometimes it’s just a difficult task to find a balance point between work and leisure and everything else in between


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