Friday, March 20, 2009

Favourite places to eat in Perth

A bit off topic today, but as I live north of the river there are a number of places that I love to eat. There is no real order to them as we like them all depending on what we feel like.

T5 Expresso, Joondalup: Sub $10 breakfast, great coffee, nice people, not too busy. Cosy little place to start the day found in every city around the world, other than Perth. Until now!

Bistro 38: Joondalup Country club. Great buffet during summer and if you can catch one of their special nights with entertainment it's a great time for two. Even their naff Christmas in July was great (where two years of ballroom dancing lessons came second to a drunken wife doing the pointy dance (I'll point at you.. pose.. I'll point at them.. pose...). I think we've sent at least two letters to Bistro 38 complimenting them on their excellent service.

Sensations 43, Ocean Reef: A little restaurant serving pizza, pasta and other cafe dishes. We can go there before 6.00pm with bubs and not have to worry too much about annoying other patrons or go during the day and have a coffee. The owners are lovely once you get to know them, friendly and inviting.

Shennai Tandoori, Ocean Reef: A local restaurant that has great Indian/Pakistani food tailored to the anglified palette. I think we have gone 200 times and ordered the same meal - Papadums, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Korma, Chicken Korma, 2 Naan, 1 large Pilaf Rice - which is enough for dinner and breakfast. Ask for booth 7.

The Grapevine Restaurant, Heathridge: A hearty Italian meal, a little dearer than we usually spend but we always expect to be stuffed by the end of it. Service is great (we're not partial to being in the alfresco area as it tends to be a little hot and loud) and they even drove us home one night when we couldn't get a taxi.

Conti's Restaurant, Wangara: This is a lovely quaint restaurant, we've had many a great anniversary dinner there. Don't be put off by the location. The steak and peppercorns (the carpetbag or 'Madagascar' from memory) is great, as is anything else on the menu. The 'Coles tray' for the vegetables seems strange, but keeps the vegetables nice and warm. I love how the lights dim every so often for no real reason. It's easy to get absolutely stonkered as you spend a leisurely evening.

Friends Restaurant, Perth: This is one of our favourite restaurants, with Clive and Lesley being two of the nicest people in the world. This, to my mind, is what we compare any other restaurant around the world (in fact the only other restaurants we have enjoyed to their level is Francois' mussels in white wine sauce on Melbourne's Toorak Rd and The Loose Box in the Mundaring (insert any dish on the menu here).) Mortgage your house, order some expensive wine and/or Champagne and enjoy.

Cocos Restaurant, South Perth: I must admit it's been ages since we've been, but I have very fond memories of the Tempura Whiting and having coffee overlooking the foreshore. A bit of a place for Perth's movers and shakers (Probably why I haven't been for ages!).

Kings Park Tea Rooms: OMG.. the service is ordinary, but with a glass of wine and a light meal during spring, for a lunch catchup few places are its equal.

There you go.. with the exception of home dinners and family invites which ALWAYS take precedence (coming from a family and extended family of awesome cooks and chefs) this is where we like to go!

Bon Appetit!


  1. Wow they sound fantastic! The Indian restuarant sounds especially nice.

  2. It's not my nana's curry but it's always what you expect.. Can be a bit hard to get in sometimes though :-(

  3. WOW! what a list...want to try these places sometimes :) yum yum!


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