Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog entries on CAS calculators.

Other educationWA articles on CAS calculators:

My first use of the CAS calculator Click here
Naming conventions Click here
How to navigate through menus (what's a menu bar?) Click here
Naming variables Click here

How to create and use a list of data (what's a list editor??) Click here
How to create a graph? (What's a StatGraph?) Click HereHow to find the mean and missing values of a data set? (how do you solve an equation?) Click here
How to find probabilities with Normal Distributions? Click Here
Finding simple moving averages Click Here
Combinations and Permutations Click Here

Balancing equations. Click Here
Solving simultaneous equations. Click Here
Absolute Value and Inequalities. Click Here
Absolute Value and Inequalities 2. Click Here
Functions (Inverse) Click HereFunctions (fog(x)) Click Here

How to find an unknown angle from a triangle using the sine rule. Click here
Storing formulae on the CAS calculator. Click Here

Annuities, Reducible Interest and Amortisation (Finance). Click Here
AP's & GP's. Click Here

Finding and solving problems involving the 1st derivative. Click Here

The articles should be completed in order as they build upon previous entries. They use the Casio Classpad 330.


  1. hi :) umm just wondering if you knew how to graph hybrid funtions on this calculator :)

  2. Do you mean f(g(x)) or similar.. if so have a look at the CAS calculator help index under most viewed pages on the right of this page. You could simplify the function and then graph that being careful of the domain of the inner function or you could try defining the function in main and then dragging it into a graph window.

  3. Will consider this for my research about jobs. Keep it up! :)


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