Sunday, September 21, 2008

Apologies for broken links!

My apologies to anyone looking to use links to the Curriculum Council website. Although I understand why they would wish to make it harder to find some information given the quality of some of it - I wish they would just alter the interface and leave the core pages in the same place. This is common web practice - and in most cases, just good practice.

Somebody has thought that the tidiness of directories on the CC website is more important than the 45,000 teachers and parents that directly link to frequently used information.

If someone raises that idiodic comment, "go through the search interface to ensure you have the most recent information" they obviously don't use information on a regular basis. Nobody wants to sift through pages of irrelevant search items to find an article frequently referenced.

I've updated the few links that I keep on the blog, though if you find any more broken links I would appreciate if you would leave a comment here and I will endeavour to re-locate the information.

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