Sunday, July 14, 2019

Named a Paul Harris Fellow!

This week was shaping up to be a shocker.. 6 fillings, four hours in the chair, another hour getting my ears cleaned out, 4 plumbers trying to find a leaky hot tap under the house, stood on a nail, kicked in the knee, hours writing 52 pages of content creating a course beyond my level of expertise (I really am clueless below year 7). Trying to get back some mojo after returning to my substantive role as 11/12 coordinator.

Well.. that turned around fast and came out of the blue.

Last year I was asked to attend one of the changeover nights with the Rotary club that partners with the school.  We've worked together over the past 5 or so years and they have done wonderful things with our kids.  I've sat in the background and helped where I can.  They're more friends that colleagues now.

The changeover night came around again and I was asked to go.  It's a small thing to attend and a fun and jovial evening.  They're genuinely nice people and it is always great to associate with them.

They asked that I speak about our Interact club with some students and the outgoing Principal (which I did with pleasure as it is a great thing) and about the other things that Rotary has done in the school.  The kids spoke well as they always do. When I had finished, they asked that I stay on stage and then the club president proceeded to name me a Paul Harris fellow for doing what I do at school.  I was presented with a badge and a medallion.

To say I was shocked was a bit of an understatement as I enable stuff, typically I don't have a lot of time to actually do stuff.  To nominate a fellow they have to donate $1000 US to their Rotary charity (which is no mean feat) for someone that turns up to their events twice a year. The people in the club that have been nominated, generally have a lifetime of service behind them.  Those wearing their medallions were generally club past presidents. I'm not even a member!

I felt a little bit of a fraud but very thankful for their thoughts and best wishes.

So there you go.. recognised for what I do with the kids.  A very cool thing and thank you Heirisson Rotary.  You have certainly put wind in my sails.

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