Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm finding transition from one position to another is irksome.  We just completed stage two of our IWB rollout, with eight more boards installed today.  Testing each board and ensuring computers are set up correctly for teachers is becoming a troublesome task.  Each installation had it's own quirk.  One had a failed USB cable, another a bad monitor cable, another three had driver issues on their computer.  Rooms had to be rearranged, teachers needed basic instruction.  It's been uncontrolled chaos.

My own classes are a mix of classes transitioning from the old teacher in charge to my own.  I'm finding our styles are vastly different, in that I prefer to teach each topic explicitly rather than rely on the text.  It will be interesting watching how each group performs.  Small groups have not been set, so it will be at least two weeks until programmes are finalised.

The eights were a mess as the room that the monitor cable failed was mine, leaving me without a working whiteboard.  I believe it's fixed so I will need to deliver a ripper class to get them back on track.

I could have done without having to move from a class I had been in for 5 years.  That in itself has drawn a lot of time that could have been used for other things.  The students don't like it and I'm not a fan of the new room.  I think the logic that I need to be in the main building is flawed.  I need to be settled and organised - not subject to the constant disruption caused by being in the main building.

Picking up and dropping off my daughter to and from daycare takes time away before and after school that I have always spent on planning.  You make the best of any situation, so I have to settle and get my classes running.  It's time to just get on with it.

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