Thursday, October 13, 2011

Games that work in the classroom

The following games are the ones I've found best work in the classroom. They're quick to learn, easy to find, under an hour to play and a bit of fun.

I'd have a set of these in every classroom with kids over 12:
Dixit (replaced Apples to apples on this list)
Ticket to ride (longest game on list, most bits to lose)
Nuclear war
For Sale
Lupus in Tabula
Gloom (be a little careful with this one)

The following games have worked with subsets of kids:
Wrath of Asharladon (for kids wanting to try D&D)
Battlelore or Stronghold (for kids liking medieval warfare)
Pitchcar (for kids that like building things)
Tumblin Dice (for kinaesthetically minded)
Space hulk (small skirmish game)

No connect four, chess, draughts, chinese checkers, uno, monopoly or scrabble. I leave these to other classes.

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