Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taking marking for a holiday

A common problem of many teachers is taking a wad of marking home over the weekend and my best solution to date has been to bring it back unmarked and untouched. It's the 'taking exam papers for a holiday' solution.

Being focused on improving the middle can be a trying task. I really enjoy marking.. I really do.. Those around me though... not so much...

I've tried getting up early, doing it late at night, whilst the baby sleeps, a bit at a time, reserving a whole day. Marking the best ones first, last, randomly. They all end with foul tempered dad, saying multiple bad words with lengthy time considering how to improve mean scores further, talking to myself like the mad cat lady.

But.... I think I have finally solved the problem...

Don't take it home!!


...I feel better already :-)

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