Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Practicum Teachers

There is another side of taking practicum teachers - the side where the teacher instructors benefit.  A good practicum teacher is worth their weight in gold.  Some of the reasons for taking a practicum student:

  • They are the bees of education, cross pollinating ideas from one school to another and from their own educational background
  • They bring enthusiasm into the classroom
  • They are an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands
  • They lack pre-conceived notions and challenge the status quo
  • They bring fresh ideas, a level of innocence and hope
  • They lack some of our cynicism and crustiness
  • It forces us to re-evaluate our own teaching practices
  • They bring youthfulness into teaching staff
  • It provides some longevity to our own learning when seen in their teaching

Most of all they can be a lot of fun. Once in your fourth or fifth year, I'd heartily recommend taking one for a term.

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