Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Small classes and NCOS

Small classes in public schools have been an bone of contention. The "no classes less than six students" policy caused a lot of angst when considering how to deal with talented students since it was impossible to offer small classes to cater for them.

It would be interesting to know how smaller schools are dealing with this issue. Are they:
  • redistributing these students into easier subjects (indicators could be increased enrolments in easier subjects or decreased enrollments in more difficult subjects across all schools)
  • ignoring the directive and creating small classes (indicated by small classes running)
  • reducing the number of subjects offered in year eleven (indicated by examining the number of different NCOS classes offered in year 11/12)
  • increasing the number of students using distance education (indicated by an increase in SIDE enrollment numbers in metropolitan schools)
  • moving students across schools (indicated by an increase in transfer numbers either as temporary busing or permanent transfer)
  • moving talented students into centralised scholarship or G&T programs (indicated by examining enrolments in G&T programs)


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