Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me Tarzan.. You Jane...

Yep sure.. that's me big alpha male...


Went to get a flu shot today.. No man flu this year I thought.. No sniffling and whining about how sick I feel.

Anyhow, two minutes after the needle was put in (which took about a second and didn't hurt at all(really!)) I woke up on the ground. The nice nurse (who was a great grandmother) had to catch me and guide me to the ground as I was out cold.

What is it about men and needles? The nurse assured me that it was not at all an uncommon occurrence. I can stand in front of a bunch of hostile adolescents and win them over.. but can't overcome the fear of a one inch bit of metal stuck in my arm.

Next time I'll just take the flu.

Thinking back though, I didn't feel weak until I watched Kendra get her needle. I think the thought of a loved one being hurt is also a factor.. of course I could just be rationalising what is a pretty pathetic incident.

I still feel horrible.

And now for my maths joke so you can all feel terrible too..

If a five sided figure is a pentagon and a six sided figure is a hexagon, what is it when your grandmother passes out?

A Nanagon of course! (Not to be confused with a Nonnagon (an italian grandmother) or a pollygone (a missing parrot)).

Must be the residual chemicals in the system!

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