Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Week

We're all prepped and ready for the arrival of our first new family member..

nursery finished... tick
house tidy... tick
bag packed ... tick
classes prepped for next week... tick

baby?? late of course.. just like it's mother.

My wife had a dream that she was having a Labrador. We checked on the ultrasound and it definitely is a baby.

I'll take a day off when it's due and then another four days when they come home. It's all very exciting and we're both looking forward to meeting our new family member. I've been telling my students that we'll name the baby Eunice or Eugene to make sure they grow up a maths dork, study hard, don't get boyfriends/girlfriends until they are at least 40 and make lots of money.

I'm finding the 3A MAT Trig test difficult to construct as my first attempt was too easy. I'll have to beef it up again later.


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