Monday, December 8, 2008

Another week 8 gone

Well, with the help of a few friends I have made it through another week 8. True to form it is coupled with a bit of tiredness but was managed well by those around me.

I suppose in week 8 especially in term 4 we all suffer a little doubt. Have we done enough? Are they ready for next year? I suppose only time will tell.

I know that we're at least achieving in little things. There's a programme of work in place, resources have been gathered and evaluated, there are changes in assessment policy, we have established some diagnostics for cohorts. The team is coming together and is expressing interest in meetings next year. People are starting to see that these gatherings (I hate to call them meetings as it has that connotation of useless waste of time) as something useful and needed to make that whole of school approach work.

It's been a horrible year in terms of individual events happening to kids and of things happening here at home. Let's hope that next year, with the new baby arriving things change for the better (although I don't know how I will manage with fewer hours of sleep). It's good to know that even with a little trouble going on outside of school, things held together in school.

It's getting to the end of the cycle, time to close off this year and start preparing for next year. Another year, another new course, more new kids. Next stop material for summer school and then into the school year. I think we'll concentrate at the summer school on linear algebra, quadratics, problem solving/investigations, probability and 'other stuff' on the last day.

Soon I'll be in my third year of teaching.


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